Way Back When…

Reskinz is a product developed by Nate Bean with B.E. Forest Products. Nate and his wife Lindsy started the company in 2014 with a long standing history in the wood business. The family history goes back to the 70’s where Lindy’s father started J&R planing. They’ve grown up in the world of wood and bring a passion for developing innovative products. However, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, Lindsy’s father Jim Edinger invented the first manufactured reclaimed wood. Montana Ghostwood was developed to stop the deconstruction of our beautiful Montana ghost towns. Jim saw the popularity of reclaimed wood growing and invented a solution. Montana Ghostwood has reached homes all across the country.


Blue Stain

All R.E. Skinz products, with the exception of Retried Cedar, are harvested from beetle or fire killed lumber. The repurposing of this fiber allows our products to be “reclaimed from the forest.” Dead standing timber adds character, it gives you the reclaimed look with the performance of a new product. In Montana we have lost millions of acres of lodgepole pine trees due to the mountain pine beetle, increasing risk to forest fires and drought. We are determined to find alternative uses for this sustainable product.



Green principles are at work from start to finish. We recycle all of our wood shavings, chips, and sawdust into animal bedding and compost. We are located in a region where ranching and agriculture are the back bone of the economy. By recycling our waste and down fall, we providing retail stores a low cost, eco friendly option to benefit their well being. Our forest products division supplies the Northwest United States shavings in White wood and Fir Larch.



Reclaimed wood is rustic and it is elegant. It provides a beautiful alternative to break up the formality of any home. R.E. Skinz developed Retired Cedar as another tool for the tool belt. Cedar is known for its resilience to rot and long standing exterior beauty. Cedar provides the most stable and highest quality of reclaimed products. When dealing with any reclaimed wood there are a few factors one has to consider. No piece of reclaimed wood will have the same consistent look. If you are looking for a monotone product, Retired Cedar is not your best choice.